Andrea is available for clinics worldwide.

Back in New Zealand Andrea was based at North Park Equestrian Centre where she ran her own training yard. She taught a wide range of riders from Preliminary Level through to Advanced with many of them going on to be successful at National Level.

“Alongside my sporting career I carry a strong passion for my teaching. I love helping other riders work towards achieving their goals with their Equine partner whether they be big or small. I think it is so important that I put the knowledge that I am gaining overseas back into Dressage NZ and the younger generation.”

Contact for bookings and more details.

Looking for your next equine star?

Brett and I now been established here in Europe for 2 years.

Throughout this time we have been lucky enough to have established ourselves in one of Germany’s best stables and travelled throughout Europe to many amazing events and competitions. Through these adventures we have been fortunate enough to see many great horses and meet many amazing people. Recently we have had a number of people from Australia and New Zealand contact us to help them find a horse whilst avoiding the unscruptulus side of the industry. We want to see quality horses headed down under as we see it as an important development of the sport. However we have seen to many people stung financially and also left with an unsuitable horse. Hence we have decided to help swing the balance of power back in the favour of the purchaser and offer our services as a buyers agent.

We aim to find suitable horses and ponies, no matter the budget or level in an open and clear way.

For more information feel free to contact or

We feel very fortunate to be able to do every day what we love: to live with horses, to learn from them and have fun together.

Brett and I with the wonderful NPE Donnello.

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