Bank & Doringcourt would like to thank the following sponsors for their support

Prestige EquestrianPrestige – Bank rides Doringcourt in the Prestige D1 dressage saddle. She is looking forward to Doringcourt getting fitted out in the new D1D K Zero in Germany! The mono flap version of the famous D1 dressage saddle is for riders who require even more contact with the horse, by maintaining the same action on the horse shoulders as in D1 saddle. The Zero version is different from the previous model because it offers now a narrower twist to the rider. “I feel so privileged to be sponsored by a world renowned saddle company.” Bank

Hidez logoHidez Australia – Animal athletes are like human athletes. Cutting edge compression technology for animal travel and recovery is now available in the same way that is available for human athletes. Graduated compression suits such as SKINS® are popular for human athletes because of the ease of use, results demonstrated and expert research conducted around compression suits that are used during training or as a recovery aid. “With all our upcoming European travel plans, training and competing I am very excited that Doringcourt will now have a Hidez suit to keep him in tip top shape!” Bank

bg-1-272556Hyperflex HA – An essential aid for any horse and dog that is in need of a superior joint supplement to lubricate joints and ligaments to maintain a fluid and effortless motion. “It really is a fantastic product, my horses are doing so well on it!” Bank